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COVID-19, unfortunately, is still alive and well.

You would not believe it!

We are still in the midst of one of the worst experiences any of us can have imagined, indeed I doubt that any can truly say that this Pandemic had been on anyone's fortune telling list.

As soon as a little light comes from the dire scenario we have all suffered; idiots have taken it upon themselves to act almost as if nothing has happened!

Thank goodness it is not everybody, but let me point out here that this Pandemic is not yet over and unless we do the right things it will bring further and possibly more devastating damage and death.

I want to point out that; it is a well known fact that COVID-19 is affecting the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities more severely.

What we don't want or need is for that same community to decimate itself further; that is a compassionate statement and nothing to do with anything other than:


There must be a better way to do all of this malarkey; than by putting so many more lives in danger and ultimately extending the current suffering with a much greater impact expected.

I have heard a lot of statements being made on either side, but this copied 'post' from one of my FB friends sums it all up:

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