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FaceBook Campaign

I am running a facebook campaign that interlinks with everything that this site has been acquired for.

for this campaign I am donating all the profits from my book sales to:

1. The NHS specifically to acquire further testing kits particularly in light of what I think we may now be considering.

Testing will ensure, as far as is possible, that all that are moving around in our new world will be able to be tested before inflicting anything upon those around them!

2. Diabetes Research, specifically donating to the Diabetic Associations around the World as we seek more answers to our condition and a drive for possible cures.

The funding for this will be by donation of all the profits from the sale of my book and ebook on Amazon

If this is of interest please go to Amazon and search for 'I have diabetes; diabetes does not have me', it should be there wherever in the World you might be.


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