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God Loves a trier!

Whatever I seem to do here doesn't appear to be working, but I desperately want to help!

So far I have spent thousands on a web-site and Facebook advertising, and I'm not even taking anything of those costs from the donations promised. That doesn't reflect the time devoted to writing, re-writing and then re-writing again and again before I felt it was ready after having some independent reviews done also.

I am in discussion with both Roche Diagnostics and Abbott Laboratories about their testing kits. But I am now afraid of taking this too far as the sales that will ultimately fund this have been extremely disappointing, in fact zero sales since I announced this campaign!

I honestly don't know what to do now?

Colonel Tom did a magnificent job and allowed so many to just contribute to a fund. That was brilliant and we must all applaud his efforts which are being suitably recognised now.

My book is receiving great reviews

But I am not asking for just donations; this book is an original, informative, entertaining and totally unique piece of literature. You will not find a true to life report of a survival of any person being physically hit, head-on, by a car travelling at over 80 mph. Victims of such an accident are generally taken to the morgue; my exhaustive search hasn't found any to dismiss that statement.

But I have to say:

I need you to help me to help so many more; please go to Amazon to order:

I have diabetes; diabetes does not have me

Thanks and I hope my next post will be more positive on this increasingly important matter.


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