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Healthy or what????

I am not going to preach any diets and suchlike; I just want to let the World know how I have lived a successful, long, healthy and happy life as a diabetic.

'I have diabetes; diabetes does not have me.'

Part 1. Accident survival guide, a unique story.

This is available from Amazon and should provide a good outline of how a young diabetic life was moulded to become very normal from the outset.

From this you will get an insight into how Mum made it possible to treat me almost the same as my identical twin, who isn't diabetic. How I managed to incorporate some of the forbidden fayre into an otherwise bland an unappealing diet, and how the severe RTA left me in desperate need of a good diabetes balance.

Diets are not any speciality of mine, because of my management principals I am relatively free-minded on that topic.

Application of a modicum of care should see everybody enjoying their own lives and to live happily.

Are there any meals you would recommend?

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