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Honestly this won't cost you a penny

I am ever hopeful to hear back from you on this. My latest release of my 1st edition is now available from Amazon. Because of its importance I want to ensure that it has been produced correctly, content-wise. If I could provide you with a free copy, via Amazon, would you be interested in ordering it and review it for me. Reviews will be on the Amazon site from where you got this totally free copy. All my works, I may have mentioned this already, are provided on a not for profit basis, where all profits are dedicated for further research and charities. I had a few, but not enough good reviews when first released, but that is too long ago to make any difference and my sales have badly dropped off as a direct result. Good reviews equal better sales, when I am not giving them away. This is a risk as any bad reviews can stop future sales, I am hopeful that will not be the case. In fact, my contact via will remain open should anyone wish to discuss anything with me. Please let me know and I can then arrange this to be conducted via Amazon. The Amazon UK address is:

Yours hopefully Ian T


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