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I have diabetes; diabetes does not have me

As a long-term practitioner in the art of managing his diabetic condition; Ian knows he can deliver a package full of advice that can help you realise just how simple it can be. Currently nearly 62 and not out is a good score, even in cricket terms!

This is a book packed with real life instances; and details how they were, both, dealt with and defeated in a fight for a truly normal life as a diabetic.

You may be in a position whereby:

· You are being consumed with worry about your own plight or that of a near relative or child. Having diabetes is not the end of the World, in fact it could be the start of a journey that will prove to be both, elevating and quite normal in so many ways!

· You may have issues that you are at a loss to understand; even what might be going on let alone how to deal with them! Diabetes would like to be in control of what happens and will, understand the best times to try and gain advantage. What you will find out here is what these

feelings are, how to deal with them and, most importantly, become the master of your own destiny by not relinquishing control of your condition.

· You may not feel confident about, either, your ability to manage or what is going to happen for your future. Unfortunately, it is common for your medical teams to advise the worst possible outcomes, yet there is a bright sky for those willing to seek it out.

· You may just want a good read to divert your mind into other areas of investigation. Without doubt, you will not find another true event driven read anything like this.

Reading this book will give you the confidence to do just what you want to do, with a little more care being required!

Available from Amazon; and will provide a free read if you have ‘Kindle Unlimited’. Go on and get your copy to help so many more, but mainly yourself!


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