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It can be so simple!

I have lived a fully loaded and almost normal life; now 64 with my diabetes being 62 years old, and still no presentation of those awful complications.

I just want to help others to understand that it doesn't matter what life throws at you; you can win the ongoing battles with relative ease.

Read my memoirs:

'I have diabetes; diabetes does not have me'

This will give you a further understanding about diabetes, its development, its issues and effectively how an individual has managed it with simplicity at the core of all of this.

Really he should not be here!

When diagnosed his outlook was bleak and the short life he should have endured would not be as colourful as he was able to drive it.

He suffered a catastrophic accident; being directly hit by a car travelling at over 80 mph, whilst stood outside of his own vehicle in 1985. Even the ambulance sent to collect him was expecting the next drive to be to the Morgue!

Go to Amazon and search for 'Ian Tonge' (Author) and/or 'I have diabetes; diabetes does not have me'

Profits for further Diabetic Research, so you will be helping so many more!


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