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Still going!

With everything that is happening in that real World outside of 'Shielding' makes me wonder:

WTF are we doing now?

We have a totally blind leadership policy, wasting the most important resource that we have little of: TIME.

Too late to make decisions.

Following the wrong paths.

Even after all this time, the decisions are based upon a flawed Science that is, obviously, not driven by any proper Scientists.

Making a mockery of everything expected of the Population.

They have all seen how the last major Pandemic happened and was managed, back in 1918 when desperation was more in control than anything else. You would have hoped for better but it appears that such History has not taught much of a lesson to the Political classes anywhere!

It is now up to ourselves to drive this virus onto the shelves of History, WITHOUT THE FURTHER SENSELESS LOSS OF ANY LIVES!

We all can do this, we know what is needed so:

Just don't be stupid, be careful out there, wear as much protection as you can, stay safe, keep calm and be happy xx


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