Diabetes can be a scary proposition for any new diagnosis; but it can also consume those who have not yet had the opportunity to manage their condition effectively or are experiencing any issues.
I would ask a few questions of any potential reader of this narrative:
•Do you want to beat your diabetes and bring it under your control?
•Do you want to live the life that you want and not driven by worries, anxiety or depression countenanced by a lack of effective management?
•Do you really understand the condition you now have or are faced with?
•Do you realise what will happen with little or bad management practice?
•Do you really want it to take, or retain, control of you and be in command of you?
The answers to all of these questions will be displayed in real life scenarios to ensure each one is delivered with evidence of actuality provided.
Ian is a long serving practitioner in the art of managing his diabetic life; 62 years and counting. Ian would like to invite you in; to help you feel more contented, calm concerns and move forward more confidently! This is an inspirational story; designed to prove how it is possible to overcome almost everything in the way of you enjoying a great life in the simplest manner possible.
‘I have diabetes; diabetes does not have me.’ are Ian’s memoirs of his battles with diabetes and management of such a chronic condition; to ensure he would be able to lead a fun-filled, exciting and successful life without attracting unwanted problems!
This details how he did that; including his unprotected collision with a car travelling into him at over 80 mph.

Littered with many amusing anecdotes; this is a truly unique story and is Ian’s first memoir depicting his ‘physical life’ with his diabetic partner.

But can he possibly recover his life to any reasonable form after such a devastating accident? These will be his next battles with more daunting issues to fend off!

I have diabetes, diabetes does not have me | Accident survival guide


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