Ian’s story was becoming so good that it was almost depicting a ‘Fairy Tale’, his life was on the up and up, with nothing that appeared able to stop its rise. He was having a great time and the future seemed as bright as it possibly could be and getting better.

Funny, or not so funny, things can happen when on such a wonderful ride. Of course, you can continue on a fantastic path, or something can go terribly wrong.

Ian was in this position, having built his life and career to hit the heights he had dreamed of. Then on a fateful day, November 18th, 1985, his life was to be turned on its head (the Topsy-Turvy effect).

Read this unique true-to-life-story, there is not another like it anywhere else in the World. You should come out of the other end; knowing he did it, but as sure as you can be that he should not have done it.

All of Ian’s writings are to educate and entertain, in as equal measure as would be appropriate. Everything is written from his soul and through his heart, his emotions will be clearly visible to allow a view from a real perspective.

Ian’s raison d’etre is to help as many others as would be possible, he hopes to address the World with his writings as he believes this will assist a greater confidence and reassurance to develop from his readers.

Current reviews are amazing for his narratives, so acquisition of his works is less of a risk now.

With a small cost and all profits donated to further Research and Services, please don not hold back and go for it.

I hope you enjoy the read and will leave a review following. Thank you so much.