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2nd Edition just released

Are you:

Worried about diabetes?

Looking for things to be much simpler?

Wanting a brighter future prospect?

As either a fellow Diabetic, Carer, Parent, Guardian, or just an interested individual, I have written my books for you to answer all the above and more.

Both my books provide the detail, with real life examples, to enable a more positive understanding of; how to manage with absolute simplicity. Deliberately provided in 2 editions as they cover different aspects relating to diabetic management profiles.

Both are educational, informative, and entertaining in equal measure; treat yourself to a wonderful read and they also make a great ‘stocking filler’ should you know others who may require such.

Available here or:

Go to your local Amazon and search for:

I have diabetes; diabetes does not have me

ALL profits are being donated to further Diabetic Research, Charities, and Services; you will be helping so many others acquiring these.

I am here to help if you have any questions.


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