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A real cure, is on the cards

From Edmonton, Canada comes the wonderful news of a defined breakthrough in the search for a cure for diabetes.

This is not ne news, I do appreciate that, but the effects of it should be transmitted at every opportunity.

Dr James Shapiro recently announced a program to raise $22million to fund this research and further prove its capabilities to Government Authorities.

I have not spoken with Dr Shapiro, although leaving countless messages through Social media. But my revised memoirs will be used to try to help get to that figure more simply.

Diabetes is a life and resource draining condition that is not sustainable. Assisting its removal will help so many on a personal level whilst removing the huge financial curse it places upon so many more individuals and Institutions.

Thank you so much to the many who have supported me from the beginning, it really does mean a lot to me.

The profits from every single eBook or paperback sold will be donated to this research.

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