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All change ahead!

Well this appears to be a bit more difficult than I expected it would be.

Having changed my Management team, from Fairfield General Hospital to the Community team based in Bury Town Centre, I was establishing a test with a faster acting insulin. Fiasp is the insulin concerned and it starts working almost immediately with an active life cycle of around 3 hours! This has the perfect profile for me at this time.

However, my first pen was proving to cause me problems; it didn't not appear to be expelling the correct amount measured. This was proven by my follow on tests being in the highest levels I have ever seen presented by myself. I spoke with the Diabetic Nurses and it was decided to acquire a new set of pens; just in case it may be a batch problem. Meanwhile I went back on the old faithful Novorapid.

The new pens arrived and I began the trial again. The same problem occurred and I am somewhat disappointed by all of this. Having found an insulin that perfectly fits my way of life and would be the answer to so many of the little issues that seemed to be arriving. But then for the technology to fail what would have been only my third change of insulin type in over six decades since diagnosis, isn't what I had expected.

I am back on my Novorapid but a search for a solution is now being progressed.

I would love to know if anyone else is successfully using Fiasp or has anyone had a similar experience?Indeed any of you experiences would be welcome and we could open up a discussion that may be extremely helpful to all concerned. That is the most important reason for me opening this blog and I want to make sure it works for as many as it possibly can!


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