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COVID-19 is not a joke

We really need to stop treating it as such.

While our erstwhile Politicians try to save the Economy, they are killing its fuel. Why can't they see that?

In my opinion we should:

PRIORITISE TESTING ABOVE ALMOST EVERYTHING ELSE.!By finding where it may exist you have a better chance of beating it! By our scatter-gun approach we are doing nothing except look more stupid!

GET THE PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT FOR THE FRONT-LINE STAFF! These brave people are putting both themselves and their families at risk; FOR US. We need to protect them or lose them, a fairly simple choice.

THE ECONOMY CAN WAIT. We need to put a halt to absolutely everything that is not engaged in defeating this awful virus. Doing what we are doing will eventually kill the Economy also, again why can't they see that?

I am sure you will have your own views on this, please share them with us all!

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