Diabetes & Endocrinology Conference

I have been invited to present a summary of my story at the Diabetes and Endocrinology Digital Conference, detailed below.

There is a massive set of differences that made the journey of a diabetic patient far more foreboding than it is today. It was predicted, somewhat justifiably, that a diabetic would suffer greatly in their life fulfilment and expectancy caused by complications.

I defied, and continue to defy, those statistics and now just want to show my fellows how this was, and can be, achieved. I want to dispel, at the very least some of the fear associated with diabetes.

I wish to give all readers a greater confidence and belief in their own capabilities to defeat almost any obstacle presented. By presenting 'living proof', that is what my story delivers with real life instances to support.

Of course, you are welcome to register; but equally go to Amazon and see my book.


It is informative and entertaining in equal measure.


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