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Diabetes will not kill you; but you can kill yourself with diabetes!

One of the drivers for me writing my books was to show my Fellows how simple it has been for me to manage my own condition.

No matter what life has thrown at me, at some times extreme elements, I have battled through to ensure that I satisfy my life's craving for:

Happiness; perhaps the most important blessing is to be happy getting on with life.

Enjoyment; somewhat linked to the above but nonetheless an important requirement.

Health; of mind and body.

None of these requirements would be served by an overly strict regime being applied; that was never going to work, especially for those who may be young, with a vibrant personality, or just wanting to live life to the full!

You must read my book, soon to be books; to establish how simple managing an all encompassing condition whilst achieving all of the above, and more, was possible!

Enlightening and entertaining in equal measure.

Please go to your local Amazon and search for:

I have diabetes; diabetes does not have me

Author: Ian Tonge


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