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Insulin pump

After nearly 65 years of life with diabetes I am now looking at having my insulin served by a pump.

Why am I looking at this:

  1. Having to do multiple injections daily is a little wearing, I have too many sites that are becoming questionable.

  2. We are getting close to having the option of the Artificial Pancreas coming through. Insulin provision managed by a glucose sensor, almost like your pancreas (non-diabetic that is) does.

  3. Helps manage both Hypo's and Hyper's.

I have chosen to look at the Omnipod option for this.


  1. They will not require me to stay in contract for any extended period. If and when I may want to change, I can.

  2. I can take advantage of any upgrades that happen.

  3. I can try before deciding.

I have just received my trial pod and will keep you posted.


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