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Let's help

I am dedicated to writing my books, to help raise additional funding for research.

My books being sold on a not for profit (NFP) basis, which I hoped would grab the attention of the market, but I'm mistaken and disappointed in equal measure.

However, I have found a most troubling disparity on how diabetes is handled worldwide. Please let me thank Santhosh Reddy from India, for inviting me into one of his meetings.

Here in the UK we are extremely lucky as we are served for our life-saving medications through the NHS.

To my horror, I find how around the world the dream that finance should not be a reason for denying access to the medication required to live, is ignored.

With millions of diabetics juggling survival, and increased costs of their desperately required medications; this cannot be right.

Can anybody:

· Direct me to the causes assist those desperately in need of help.

· Give assistance on increasing sales without affecting costs.

· Or any help in this area.

I would be most grateful, as I fear losing it in a fog of not knowing better.

Whatever happens I will keep trying and I would take this opportunity to thank you for reading through this note; it does matter so please help me help many more.


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