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I do hope you will not mind me posting this and hope not to cause any upset as I rest my thoughts on low-carb-diets, especially for the younger ones!

I have been a t1d since the age of just 2, back in 1958 when the thoughts of anything other than extremely plain fayre was restricted to zero! I have survived, thus far, with an excellent diabetes health record; NOT gained by doing anything other than most non-diabetics would do as far as eating is concerned.

I have lived what can only be described as a NORMAL life and one that, I am sure, would be a wish for most diabetics.

Carbohydrates are the most common form of energy source for our bodies, they will be served in 3 forms; Sugar, Starch and Fibre. Within each form there will be positives and negatives applied for any consumption requirements. Implementing a 'low-carb' diet can be for any number of reasons; but especially for a t1d, this should never be a long term thing! In particular our energy requirement is extended by virtue of the simple fact it cannot be managed as an automatic function. I will never understand restriction of carbs for the younger set here; energy for: Growth, Development (Mental and Physical) and not forgetting play are so critical! My point is to make certain we do not deprive either our own bodies, or those of any we may be responsible for of this necessary fuel. Unless there are strong medical needs to reduce carbs; Type 1 Diabetics just need to manage them more effectively!


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