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Mental Health

We are all going through a situation that none of us could have imagined could ever be possible.

Virus' and the like were what we all got our computers protected from, at least from the point of the most recognised ones and whilst we were to be afraid of those also, we were able to rely on a trusty band of software programmers and developers to provide the required protection.

Of course we cannot discount the various flu virus' but we had medication for all of that.

However, COVID-19 took everybody off guard, even though they were many warnings of its apparent oncoming.

Lockdown and Social Distancing is now in its umpteenth week and it is playing havoc on the mind of virtually everybody:

Why can't we?

Why don't they?

Can we?

Along with many more questions are constantly whirring about in our minds; we have so few to share such thoughts with when they appear. Even a perfectly healthy population is going to be adversely affected by all of this and its strain can be easily measured there!

However, Diabetes and Virus' are never going to make good buddies!

Besides the mess that a virus can cause to diabetes itself is extreme enough; but the 'Mental Health' ultimately will be affected just by trying to avoid acquiring it.

Stress can maker our Blood-Sugar levels go into 'roller-coaster' mode, it is another unwelcome compatriot.

It has now been scientifically decided that diabetics are not on the 'AT RISK' register, unless they are now Balanced. Balancing appears to be a factor that too many have not been able to manage, even though it can be proven to be so easy even under the most extreme of conditions.

Should a diabetic succumb to this COVID-19, then hell will descend, that is normal for all contracting it, but then management will be further aggravated. But for the fact that that management will become the responsibility of the Carer involved, we would be in serious trouble, just like everybody else with an added twist of course.

However, before that awful situation should arise, we all need to get ourselves prepared and in my view the best way to do this will be to rid our minds of all the unnecessary worry and stress, neither achieve anything and are a waste of resource and energy that will be required for being more positive.

Facetime your friends and relations, watch a good movie, or read a great book; just take your mind into a more comfortable area and you will see the positiveness that will follow such action.

We are getting to a point whereby we are much closer to beating this awful virus; like everything else I would tell you not to let it win any battles, that with a bit of help you can easily win.

Don't let this COVID-19 define us as badly as it appears to want to.

The greatest Brains in the World are all working together to bring us out of this. We really cannot ask for more and that is from a Clinical, Scientific and Care perspective.

Don't give it a chance and keep your guard to remain safe!


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