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Pandemic adds to Pandemic

Are we ready for the expected growth in our consistently expanding community following COVID-19?

It has proven to be the case that influenza Pandemics result in increased diagnosis of type 1 diabetes patients, besides the constantly increasing type 2 diagnosis, which will also be ably assisted by its new found ally; COVID-19. This already being shown to be the case now, as it was with SAR's and going back to Spanish Flu.

Many of these new diagnosis will have been given a distinct understanding of the dire consequences associated, which they will then believe is a defined sign for their futures. These warnings are delivered by their Medical Specialists and the Internet where there are many 'cries for help' being posted.

Whilst none of this can be ignored; what appears to be constantly passed over is the fact that:


I have lived what can only be described as a relatively normal life; just by adding a very little extra care and consideration for my condition.

It is, without doubt, that there will be new diabetics, resultant from whatever reason, and I believe it is my, responsibility to reach out and offer all the support I can.

Personally, and I must make this perfectly clear, I am not any Medical Professional, but I am a long-term practitioner in the art of successfully managing diabetes to the point of it being my passenger and under my control. I am able to offer guidance, support and a practising level of advice; I firmly believe that after 62 years partnering with diabetes I can help. Diagnosis and medication should only be delivered by the Professionals!

I want to get out there and help as many of our fellows as possible.

I am here to help, wherever I can!

Reach out, I am here.


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