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The best I can do

Until the end of July 8t.h my book is available for free download from Amazon.

There cannot be a better time to go and get your copy and to avail yourself of a great, informative and entertaining read.

I wrote this to enable more of my fellow diabetics, whatever type, to see just how easy it has been for me to carry my diabetic load for 62 years now, at the age of 64, and how a very simple management manner has worked perfectly well.

This is my first edition, covering my youth and more physically aligned life. Reading will enable you to understand why I use that statement!

Reading this should make you feel a whole lot better about the future.

Filled with true life experiences to emphasise the simplicity enabled it should make you smile also.

Just go to Amazon and search for:

I have diabetes; diabetes does not have me

Author is Ian Tonge (me)

Please leave a review to help future sales from which the profits will be donated to the Services and Diabetic Research.

Stay safe and be happy


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